At CARRASCO we follow the Quality Management System based on the standard ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Management System for the technical delivery of components for moulds, dies and other tools and related services

Through the implementation of the quality management system in compliance with Standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 we look after quality as an essential factor for the company’s success, in line with CARRASCO’s principles:

Quality management

The Quality Management system must allow continuous quality improvement of our services, increasing our customers’ expectations and satisfaction level.

Continuous improvement

Quality must be understood as an improvement and personal satisfaction tool for the tasks performed by each member of the organisation.

Customised services

All actions carried out in the Company will be aimed to satisfy the customers’ needs and expectations. Therefore, our priority is to offer services adapted to the purpose they are intended for, in a reliable, consistent manner and in accordance with the requirements of the customers, of the Company and the legal regulations.

Efficient care

All the procedures used in the Company must target a permanent positive, careful and friendly attitude in contacts both with current and potential customers. Issues must be treated in a fast and efficient way. At all stages, and particularly when incidents of any kind arise or may arise, all the necessary information will be provided.

Quality procedures

For specific procedures, convenience, ease of use, accuracy, timeliness and compatibility of the procedures with customers shall be taken into account.

High satisfaction

This system must lead us to:

  • Achieve a high assessment of the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Reduce the amount of incidents, claims and non-compliances of the system.
  • Best adjustment of delivery times.
  • Increase our turnover and achieve the involvement and participation of the whole staff.

Our customers