Pressure Die Casting

In CARRASCO we offer a complete range of products and advanced services for die casting. We design and manufacture standard and customised parts for non-ferrous pressure die casting moulds.

Solutions for Pressure Die Casting

Traceability: components coding and marking

CARRASCO offers you solutions for coding and marking of components for moulds.

Our information and marking systems, especially developed for this purpose, allow customised identification of each of the components and offers custom-made traceability solutions, in line with your goals for improvement.

The relevant information about history, location and each components trajectory (its traceability) will provide you an optimal tracking and control of your improvement programs and will allow you achieving the desired goals.

Standardisation projects

Subcontracting pressure die casting dies often entails receiving components from suppliers using very different standards of definition. All this has effect on a great complexity, interchangeability problems and the need of maintaining a great variety of components in stock of the user in order to handle the requests of replacement of the damaged component / at the end of its useful life.

CARRASCO offers you its experience of having participated to international committees for standardisation in order to ensure the interchangeability of your components and to reduce the complexity and cost associated to its purchase, supply and use.

Our engineering, in collaboration with the different functions of your Company, makes a study of the components used and proposes specific and customised improvement measures. A customised catalogue of components can eventually be created.

Technical advice / Improvement projects

Our engineering department offers technical advice in order to achieve the best productivity progress affordable, in the following areas:

  • (Metallographic) Analysis of damages of components in use / at the end of its operating life.
  • Tips for improvement on design of components and selection of materials and treatments.
  • Monitoring of tests and evaluation of productivity improvement.
  • Tips for improvement of the injection process.
  • Customised standardisation studies.
Communication solutions

CARRASCO offers customised information on the purchase, supply and use of components, accessible through its website, in order to optimise communication with the customer’s group of companies and those of its value chain, ensuring at all times the privacy:

  • Historical database of manufactured components.
  • Customised historical information (prices, consumption, reports of life of critical components, stocks…).
Preventive spare

We offer this service so that you can have, immediately, the necessary spare components according to your preventive maintenance programs.

These “spare component sets” may be available either in our warehouses or at consignment stocks in your installations, according to agreement.


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