HPPC -Jet Cooling-

Cooling of small diameter core pins

Core pins are under high thermal stresses during the casting process and, because of the traditional limits for heat extraction, especially in the core pins of small diameter, they undergo frequent breakings and adhesion to the casting metal and erosion problems as well.

On the other hand, the surrounding areas of the core pins can be problematic points where there could be shrinkage porosity in the manufactured part.

The development of the last decade has enabled minimising these unwanted situations. The cooling of the critical areas by means of the HPPC (High-Pressure Pulsating water Cooling) offers the die caster the advantage of controlling, accurately, the cooling of the hot areas around the core pins and, in this way, of minimising the shrinkage porosity problems and/or the adhesion and erosion on the core pins.

Advantages of using the HPPC -Jet Cooling- technology

  • Reduction of the need of mould maintenance.
  • Reduction of machine downtimes.
  • Increase of the life of the mould components (for instance the core pins).
  • Improvement of the surface and dimensional quality of the manufactured part.
  • Reduction in the use of release agents.
  • Distortion control.

HPPC -Jet Cooling- Core Pins


A HPPC core pin has a small hole that reaches almost the tip of the core pin and serves as a cooling channel to take water at high pressure and air to dissipate heat. The location of the inner hole with regard to the core pin’s external diameter is critical to ensure a long life for the component and an effective cooling. The life of the core pin can continue increasing using thermo-chemical treatments and surface coatings.

CARRASCO has the required precision equipment and machinery for the manufacture of the most critical HPPC core pins for aluminium high pressure die casting moulds.

The continuous improvement of its life and reliability are the keys to obtain important productivity advances.


Tool steels of high purity and homogeneity, traditional for hot working and of new generation/ of high thermal conductivity.

Rough machining – Heat treatment – Precision machining – Thermo-chemical surface treatments (nitriding…) – Surface coatings (PVD).

“Best manufacturing practices”: Special execution of surfaces finishing and of radius/ stress concentration areas.

Complete, with high-precision equipment.

Our products

Cast Cooler Injectors


The Cast Cooler injectors are cooling pipes of small diameter that are mounted on the core pin’s cooling channel and, then, they are used to channel water at high pressure and air, in sequential cycles.

Special sizes

CARRASCO offers you the possibility of adapting these elements to the sizes of your interest.

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