Standard components for Pressure Die Casting moulds

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This catalogue was specially designed from the needs of manufacturers and users of medium- large size moulds, for non-ferrous pressure die casting. It includes the following product families:

  • Core pins (blanks) and ejector pins.
  • Injectors Cast Cooler.
  • Daters and indices (blanks).
Standardisation advantages

Standard products are manufactured according to some parameters and measures previously established, which are defined on a published catalogue. The use of standard products offers the customer significant competitive advantages:

  • Fast costs and planning calculation.
  • Costs reduction.
  • Time reduction in the manufacture of moulds.
  • Reduction of the moulds size.
  • Fast adjustments of components with the mould in the machine.
  • Minimisation of production stops.
  • Fast replacement of parts.

Standard products use reduce the work of a mould maker. It allows saving between 30 % and 40 % time at mould manufacture and, therefore, a cost reduction. May a spare part be needed during the production, the use of standard products allows to drastically reduce the production stop time.

Special sizes

CARRASCO offers you special stock agreements for those sizes / options that are different from the ones contained on this catalogue, which may be of your interest.

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