Information légale

A-CARRASCO.ES, hereinafter referred to as Carrasco, informs users that the company complies with the Data protection regulations, and specially, with Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, about Personal Data Protection, Law 34/2002.

In accordance with the regulations in force, Carrasco only collects the data strictly required to provide the services resulting from its activity and the rest of outputs, services and activities conferred by Law.

The current Data protection policy may change over time due to possible amendments in legislation, jurisprudence or the criteria used by the Spanish Agency for Data protection and/or the competent authority at all times. This is why Carrasco reserves the right to modify this privacy policy to adapt it to the new legislation or jurisprudence in force at the very moment the websites are being accessed, as well as the right to practice in the field. In the previous assumptions, Carrasco will publish on this website, sufficient time in advance, the changes brought forward before their implementation.

All the data provided by email or electronic forms will be treated in accordance with the Personal Data protection law in force, and, in any case, they will be confidential for the staff of Carrasco who manages such information.


The website users are informed that the answers to the questions made on the forms of data collection of the current website are voluntarily provided, though the refusal of providing the required information may entail the impossibility of accessing the services for which the data is required.

Through the implementation of the forms enclosed in the different sections, regarding services provided by Carrasco, Users accept the inclusion and treatment of the data provided in a personal data file, owned by Carrasco. Users may exercise their corresponding rights under the following clause.

With respect to the data collected in the way described on the previous point, Users may exercise the rights recognised on the Organic Law 15/1999, and specially the data rights of access, of response, to object and/or of cancellation. The rights referred to on the preceding paragraph may be exercised by each of the Users by means of a written and signed request, together with a photocopy of the ID or Passport, to the following address:

Carrasco Tool Components, S.A.
A/A Responsable de Seguridad
Carretera de L’Hospitalet, 342
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat
Barcelona – Spain

Likewise, may a User not wish to receive information by email or any other means, he may inform of it by any means providing evidence of due reception from Carrasco to the address indicated.


Only (basic character) contact details, such as the name, surname and email. This information is received by Carrasco and can never be sold, transferred or rented to other companies, except from the logical case of the service supply.
Carrasco is responsible for these personal data files, created for and by Carrasco, with the purpose of carrying out the maintenance and management of the relationship with Users, of the information and distribution of the Organisation’s products, as well as of carrying out various activities.

Likewise, please note that information from the databases may be used for the identification of Users and to carry out statistical studies of registered Users.

During the data collection process, and whenever data is requested, the Users will be informed of the mandatory or voluntary nature of the data collection and, if it cannot be deducted implicitly from the electronic form in question, of the need of implementation of these forms in order for the Users to Access certain content provided on the website.

In such a case, Users will be asked to give Carrasco their consent to use their data in order to send information related to the entity, to its activities or to other related topics.

Entering data in any data recruitment form shall imply the acceptance of these conditions of use and privacy policy, thus it is understood that he has been informed of the conditions of use and legal notice, and he commits himself to fully comply with them during browsing and participation on

Likewise, and unless the User has been informed of the possibility of his data transmission to third parties, and unless his consent has been obtained for that, in any case, except from the cases covered by the legislation in force, can any third party unconnected to Carrasco access, without the Users’ express consent, their personal and/or browsing data. In the rest of cases Carrasco will collaborate so that third parties comply with the legislation in force, even though, responsibility is enforceable to such third parties.
Carrasco does not sell, rent or transfer personal data of this website’s users, except in cases where it is necessary to do so in order to provide the service itself.

Carrasco does not sell, rent or transfer his users’ emails to other companies, except in cases where it is necessary to do so in order to provide the service itself.

Occasionally, Carrasco sends an email informing of the improvement, new features or offers that may occur on this Carrasco website. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to

User will be solely responsible for both access to the website and the use that may be made of its information and content.

Therefore, the use that may be made of the information, images, content and/or products, reviewed and accessible through the site, shall be subject to the law applicable, either national or international, as well as to the principle of utmost good faith and legal use made by the Users, who will be completely responsible for such access and proper use.

Users will be required to make a reasonable use of the services and content, under the principle of utmost good faith and with respect to the law in force, to moral, to public order, to good habit, to the rights of third parties or of Carrasco itself, all this according to the possibilities and aims for which they were created. Carrasco assumes no liability, whether direct or indirect, for general damage or loss profit, as a result of misuse of the services or content carried out by Users or third parties.

INFORMATION ABOUT LSSI-CE (Spanish Law for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services)
To comply with the reporting obligations referred to on article 10 of the current Law 34/2002, of July 11, for the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform you that the one responsible for the website from which you can download several applications is Carrasco, S.A., with registered address at Carretera de L’Hospitalet, 342, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain, with Internet domain, registered on the corresponding register, meeting communication issues related with users and/or interested individuals at the following e-mail address:

The use of the website gives the condition of User, and it implies the full acceptance and without reservations of each and every of the requirements contained in this Legal Notice on the version published by Carrasco at the very moment in which the User accesses the web. Consequently, the User must read carefully the Legal Notice herein every time that he intends to use the web, since it may be subject to changes.

Carrasco does not accept liability for any content made available by third parties or by other webs through links. Any use of a link or access to another website is voluntarily carried out by the user and at his sole risk. Neither does Carrasco recommend or guarantee any information obtained through a link unconnected to Carrasco, nor does it accept any liability for any loss, claim or damage arising from the use or misuse of a link, or for the information obtained through it, including other links or webs, for the interruption in the service or in the access, or for the attempt to use or misuse a link, both when accessing the Carrasco web, and when accessing other websites’ information from Carrasco’s website.

Cookies can be used on some of this website pages. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the service offered to its clients and to its visitors.
Cookies are small data files that are generated in the user’s computer and which allow obtaining the following information:

* Date and time of the user’s last visit to the website.
* Design of content that the user chose during his first visit to the website.
* Security elements involved in the control of access to the restricted areas.

The information and services included or available through the websites may include mistakes or typographical errors. The information contained herein is regularly modified. Carrasco may carry out improvement and/or changes in the services or content at any time.

Carrasco has obtained the information and the materials included on the web from sources that are considered as reliable, but, although the corresponding measures have been taken to ensure that the information is correct, it does not guarantee that it is accurate and up-to-date.

Please also note that the contents of this web have information purposes regarding Carrasco’s quality, location, accommodation, services and rates.

Carrasco refuses to accept any liability should there be any time out or malfunction of the services or content offered on Internet, whatever the cause may be. Likewise, Carrasco is not liable for network failures, business loss as a result of such failures, temporary out-of-service of electric power supply or any other kind of indirect damage that may be caused to the Users for reasons unconnected to Carrasco.

Neither does Carrasco state or guarantee that the services or content will be uninterrupted or without errors, that the mistakes will be amended, or that the service or server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components, without prejudice Carrasco will endeavor as much as possible to avoid this kind of incident.

Should the User make certain decisions or carry out actions based on the information included on the website, it is advisable to check the information received with other sources.

The content provided by Carrasco, as well as the content stated on the network through its websites, constitute a work according to legislation on intellectual property, and are therefore protected by the applicable laws and international agreements in this field.

It is prohibited to reproduce, to distribute, to communicate openly, to transform, to make available in any way whatsoever and, in general, to carry out any other act of public exploitation referred both to public websites and to their content and information, without the express and prior consent and in writing of Carrasco.

As a result, all content displayed on the website and specially, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands, industrial drawings or any other sign susceptible to industrial and commercial use are subject to Carrasco’s industrial and intellectual property rights, or to third parties who hold them and who have duly authorised their inclusion on the website.

The content, images, shapes, opinions, indexes and other formal expressions forming part of the websites, as well as the software needed for their operation and visualisation, also constitute a work within the meaning of Copyright and are, therefore, protected by the applicable international agreements and national legislation in the field of intellectual property. Failure to comply the above implies serious illegal acts and will be punished by the civil and criminal laws.

It is prohibited to carry out any act by means of which the Users of the services or content may exploit or give a commercial use, direct or indirectly, total or partially, to any of the content, images, shapes, indexes or other formal expressions that are part of the web without prior consent in writing from Carrasco.

Especially, and without limitation, it is prohibited to reproduce, to distribute, to display, to transmit, to broadcast, to send out in any way, to store in hardware or software (for instance, computer diskettes or hard disks), to digitalise or to make available anything from other data bases that have not been previously authorised by Carrasco, as well as its translation, adaptation, array or any other transformation of these opinions, images, shapes, indexes and other formal expressions made available for the Users through the services and content, as long as such acts are subject to the application of the law in the field of the Intellectual, Industrial Property or of image protection.
Carrasco is free to limit access to the websites, and to the products and/or services offered on it, as well as the subsequent publication of the opinions, observations, images or comments that users may send by email.

In this sense, Carrasco may establish, if it deems it appropriate, under the sole and exclusive liability of the Users, the necessary filters in order to avoid, through its websites, the spreading on the network of content or opinion that may be considered as racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or that could, in any way, generate violence or dissemination of content that is clearly illegal or harmful.

Users sending to Carrasco’s websites, suggestion department, observations, opinions or comments by means of the email service, unless they state otherwise clearly and in an unmistakable way, in the cases in which the nature of the services or content make it possible, authorise Carrasco to reproduce, to distribute, to display, to transmit, to broadcast in any format, to store on software and hardware (for instance, computer diskettes or hard disks), to digitalise or to make available anything from data bases owned by Carrasco, translation, adaptation, array or any other transformation of these observations, opinions, or comments, for all the copyright time expected by law. Likewise, this authorisation is understood to be free, and by only sending emails such as observations, opinions or comments, users will claim no economic compensation to Carrasco.
In accordance with what is stated on the paragraph above, Carrasco is also authorised to modify or alter such observations, opinions or comments, in order to adapt them to the needs of the web pages publishing format, which will in no way mean that it damages any of the moral faculties of the copyright Users may have on them.
It is prohibited to use any technical, logical or technological resources by means of which a third party can benefit, direct or indirectly, with or without profit, of all the content, shapes,

indexes and other formal expressions forming part of the web pages, or of the effort carried out by Carrasco for its operation. It is specially prohibited to use any link, hyperlink, framing or similar link that may point to Carrasco’s web pages, without its express and prior consent in writing. Any transgression in this point will be considered an infringement of Carrasco’s Intellectual Property rights on the web pages and all their content.
Carrasco assumes no liability for any consequences due to the behaviour and acts mentioned before, in the same way that it assumes no liability for the content, services, products, etc., of third parties which may be accesses directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks, framing or similar links from Carrasco’s website.