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More than 40 years at the service of users and manufacturers of moulds, dies and tools.

Over 40 years experience in components for moulds and dies

CARRASCO is a family Company with over 40 years experience in the field of components for moulds and dies. We design, manufacture and sell standard and special components for users and manufacturers of moulds and dies for non-ferrous die casting, sheet metal stamping and plastic injection moulding, with full traceability until the end of its useful life and providing customised services in order to offer the maximum value to our customers.

Antonio Carrasco i Riera DME representative in Spain.

NORMALIZADOS AC, S.A. (Antonio Carrasco i Riera 50% share):
Distribution of standard elements for plastic injection moulding and aluminium die casting.

CARRASCO, S.A. (company created by Antonio Carrasco i Riera and sons: Oriol Carrasco i Pla and Rubén Carrasco i Pla):

  • 1987 – 1997: Antonio Carrasco i Riera member of the Committee of Standardisation of FEAMM (Spanish Federation or Associations of Moulds and Dies), integrated in the Standardisation Committee of the International Association of Special Tools (ISTA). Organisation formed by manufacturers of Germany, Belgium, Spain, United States of America, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland, among others. Its mission is to study, prepare and submit agreed standards to ISO for their final approval.
  • 1991: Beginning of sales in Portugal.
  • 2002: Introduction in the general die-stamping sector and for car bodies.
  • 2002: Beginning of sales in France.
  • 2003: SNOP Qualification approval.
  • 2004: Launch of the first catalogue of the sector, of standard components specific for aluminium pressure die casting.
  • 2005: PSA Qualification approval. CARRASCO authorised supplier of standard parts for new dies for PEUGEOT CITROËN Group.
  • 2011: RENAULT Qualification approval.
  • 2012: FAURECIA Qualification approval.
  • 2013: Beginning of sales in Germany.
  • 2013: DACIA Qualification approval.
  • 2014: Agreement of European supply with FAURECIA Group.


In 1991 the first sales were made to customers in Portugal and it meant the beginning of the first activities abroad. The entry strategy consisted in carrying out direct sales activities to potential customers as well as to the decision centres, located in Spain, with the aim of promoting the prescription of our products and services to their subcontractors in Portugal.

The entry into France in 2002 occurred through subsidiary companies of French groups present in Spain with which we already had strong commercial relationships. Differentiation occurs basically by excellence in the provision of customised services during the after-sale process.

In 2014 export meant 64% of CARRASCO’s sales. The most representative client countries are: France, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Morocco, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia among others.

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